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Masha Rener chef / New logo [2017]

That’s the latest logotype I worked on. It’s for my friend and client Masha Rener, a freelance privatechef and culinary advisor based in Italy. The upper mark, composed by a couple of crossed professional kitchen forks, establish expertise and authoritativeness and plays with the circularity of the Rener surname.
About the logo lettering, I choose a “chubby” serif font to recall the idea of healty food, the concept behind the positioning strategy we used to launch the website, while for the payoff I opted for a condensed family of the great Helvetica to convey, lastly, the right balance among elegance and strictness.


Tommaso Chiari / My new personal logo [2016]

Clear and minimal, as I like it to be.
The lettering is taken by a specific characters’ family of the Din font, one of my favourite ever. The my whole new website spins around the logo construction.


La Chiusa / Logo restyling – [2010]

In 2010 I was asked to renew the image of the brand La Chiusa, an astonishing organic farmhouse in the heart of Umbria. And, of course, the project covered also the restyling of the old logo.
I took care of the job, and that’s the result: a smoother and more pleasing oval shape surrounding the inner lettering and an enhanced readability obtained with a new italic serif font.
Moreover, the restyling included a proper space to be filled in with a short payoff.


Grom / logo 2.0 challenge on Bootb [2009?]

One of my first 2.0 creativity challenge for the new disruptive business model introduced by the online platform Bootb (acronym for: brands out of the box).
Grom, the italian icecream brand, asked the Bootb community to realize the missing graphical part of its mark (the logo). I decided to implement a branch of a lemon tree, as a strong statement of genuineness and italianity. My proposal came in the semifinals along with other three creativities. Strange thing about this, is the fact that, since then, the Grom company has used only the logotipo component in its mark.


Digital GG / Logo draft [2012]

In 2012 I was asked, by my personal accountant in Perugia, to study a logo proposal for his new business idea concerning the digitalization and the storage of public institutions’ documents.
I opted for an uppercase sans serif font to give the feeling of integrity and stability along with a slightly italic declination of the lettering to suggest movement and speed.
Some characters have been modified too; the “A” stem extension has been thought to host a possible payoff for the new brand. The draft has been very appreciated but unfortunately the business has never started.

to be updated