You don’t know exactly what a Google 360° photo sphere is? Ok, Just look at the one below!
Click and drag it with your mouse if you are on a desktop pc, or swipe with your finger if you are using a smartphone/tablet.
Isn’t it great??!!

Basically we are talking about a sort of Google Street View image, as the ones you can see within Google Maps. Google 360° panoramic photo sphere can be generated either by Android devices, using the Google camera app, and iOS devices through the Google street View App, and that means they are definitely at your fingertips.

Why use Google photo sphere in your website

Now, why this post?
I usually surf the web every day, almost 24h per day, but it doesn’t seem to me this great Google feature is properly exploited by all those kind of businesses that could get tangible benefits.

Whether you own a restaurant, a shop, any other kind of professionals activities or just a room to be rent, giving your potential customers the opportunity to virtually explore the space and/or the surrounding environment is clearly a great value added in order to raise the conversion’s rate and acquire new clients.

Don’t you think so?

Of course, you can embed a complete virtual tour of your location calling a certified Google professional to make all the job for you; but, what if you would like to save 1/2000 € and get a similar result?

Quite easy..! here is the trick

How to self include Google photo sphere in webpages

You agree with me that’s a significant opportunity for your business and you want to implement some 360° panoramic images in your site by yourself??

Nice! On the web you can find several methods to accomplish this task, but I’m here to suggest you the easiest way.
After some researches I found this useful guide to let people embed their photo sphere flawlessly into webpages. No coding abilities needed! Just follow the 4 simple steps and you are done!

Remember also to do some practice before officially publish your picz into the Street view directories! Here a brief Google tutorial to take awesome 360° photo sphere

You just took great 360° pictures but you prefer to have the job done by a pro??