Hi there,

how many of you are used to look forward to the tracking code of the last online transaction, just to follow the package in its journey?
The most of you, of course!

With this post I’m gonna show you how frustrating has been my mobile user experience while trying to monitor the shipment of my last pair of sneaker bought online!

The problem doesn’t involve the e-comm itself.
It lies exclusively with the carrier in charge of the delivery and consists, basically, in a wrong designed flow for the mobile user experience needed to retrieve the current status of the shipment.

Let’s give a look together at that flow:

Bartolini sms with parcel tracking code

The carrier Bartolini sends me an SMS (and only an SMS, reason why all the UX flow needs to be designed exclusively for a mobile approach) including the tracking number and the link to check the parcel status.

Wrong landing page url

And here is the first UX issue.
If you send me a notice to let me check the status shipment, I’m expecting, clicking on the call to action, to land directly into a page showing the input field where to place the tracking code.


The link in the SMS brings me to the mobile home page of the carrier website, where no form is actually visible. And that means one extra click. Absolutely not necessary.
Anyway, I tap the “track shipment” tab. So, I’m just one step far from the target. (I suppose..)

“Mobile approach means to go straight to the target.
The less the steps divide the users from the target the more the chances you get a real conversion”

Wrong choices in the dropdown menu

Finally, I just landed on the page where to insert the tracking code! Let me see where my sneaker are!

But, wait… the choices avalaible in the dropdown menu do not seem to recall anything similar to the “BRTcode” listed in the SMS I received.. Shit

Anyway, I’m a curious fellow, and I want to try to fill, with the given code, each one of the listed possibilities. And guess what??!! No ones answer me where my sneaker are, due to a very simple reason:

through this mobile page, is not possible to check that specific “BRTcode” that the carrier sent me via SMS!
Quite strange, isn’t it?!

Just to complete the check, shortly after I visited the desktop home page of the website and, as you can imagine, the field for BRTcode is immediately visible in the middle of the page.

What’s the lesson?

This breif exam of the mobile user experience that the users deal with while attempting to retreive the shipping status, learn us two important thing:

  • Go straight to the target page – browsing via mobile imply completely different behaviours from browsing via desktop. Quite often mobile users have bad connections or just a little time to verify the infos they are looking for.  So, be sure the path is the shortest possible and the clicks the fewest. Or it’s very easy you are gonna lose  a potential conversion.
  • Double check all the mobile UX UI flow – As we saw in this case, a trivial task like the check of a shipment, could became frustrating, due to a wrong mobile website optimizations. Always keep in mind mobile users and their needs and double check that all the mobile UX UI flow is properly designed.