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Landed in Milan in 2009, intrigued by the potential of the Web, I attended the Web Design Master @ Scuola Politecnica del Design, with the scope of find the vision and the mission in the future of the net.

Right after, I started my new journey into the web industry, either as a freelance and as employee of Mychicjungle web consulting agency, finding my own way to grow specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Projects, clients and suppliers management in order to meet goals on budget and in time
  • Website administration and maintenance through the renowned Worpdress and Prestashop CMS
  • On/Off site SEO optimizations to keep websites healthy and findable through the search engines

By the way, the project manager role lets you aquire everyday direct notions, both theoretical and practical, about other strategic areas of a digital project.

Following, some of the decisive knowledges that I had the opportunity to enhance in the past 5 years:


I’m in love with simple user interfaces, intuitive user experiences and great responsive design. Less is better, but improve by removing is the hard stuff. And that’s why I’m a Google fanatic.

Team / Task management

Set milestones, schedule meetings, assign tasks, meet deadline. That’s a great challenge. Be careful, softwares always help, but people make the difference!


Good analitycs comprehension is crucial to make the business thrive. Keep track of your users’ behaviours, wondering why they act that specific way and take data driven strategic decisions.

SEM / Social adv

Drive targeted customers for your business growth is one of the key feature. Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin and other platforms provide adv tools always more powerful. Be sure to find the right ones for your needs.


A very powerful and easy to use CMS. Over time I learned to handle the most important aspects as i.e.: setup and installation, content management, deployment procedures or performance and security improvements.


Don’t forget to plan a top tier content strategy! Make your copy sound great, choose a proper tone, engage users, be unique and write in a SEO perspective. You will be rewarded by the effort.

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